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AZTI is a scientific and technological centre that develops high-impact transformation projects with organisations aligned with the United Nations 2030 SDGs.

Its purpose is to drive positive change for the future of humankind, contributing to a healthy, sustainable and fair society. AZTI specialises in marine environment and food, providing cutting-edge and value-added products and technologies grounded in sound science and research.

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Jade Maes


partner’s role
in the project

AZTI’s work on big data, artificial intelligence, information fusion, fisheries, selectivity, governance, socio-economics and standards development will be used to: 

Lead: T2.4.2 Rapid DNA-based fish health assessment; T3.5 Catch handling facilities: direct sorting; T4.3 Identification of illegal and unreported activities at sea 

Participate: T2.1 Hardware and software requirements, T2.3 Catch reporting technologies, T2.4 Fish health and quality assessment; T3.2 Catch handling facilities Sorting band; T4.1 Requirements specification Data management framework and system architectures, T4.4 Implementation of authorities reporting systems; T5.1 Multi-Actor Co-creation Labs (MALs) , T5.2 Capacity building and training, T5.3 Policy and legislative framework reform for closing IUU loopholes