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BENCO Baltic is working towards solidifying the transfer of scientific knowledge, innovative technologies, and business know-how throughout Europe. The company promotes international cooperation between science, business, and the public, encouraging joint technology research, development, and innovation projects, and supporting innovation adaptation and use case development to fit market needs.

BENCO also assists with business development, commercialization, and marketing consulting, helping researchers and innovators bring their products and services to market and contribute to Europe’s economic growth.

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Martynas Velička

Project Manager

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Tomas Žeimys


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BENCO’s ability to capture and process spectral data in different settings will help them: 

Participate: T2.3 Catch reporting technologies, T2.4 Fish health and quality assessment; T3.2 Catch handling facilities Sorting band; T4.1 Requirements specification Data management framework and system architectures, T4.2 Data management framework; T5.2 Capacity building and training