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The Danish Fishermen PO (DFPO), also known as Danmarks Fiskeriforening, is an organization that has been bringing together Danish fishermen for over 130 years. With more than 650 vessel members, the association stands as one of the largest fishing associations in the EU.

Representing a wide range of fishermen and fisheries, including coastal, industrial, bottom net, and spiny lobster fishermen, the Danish Fisheries Association plays a crucial role in the Danish fishing industry. DFPO works towards ensuring the best possible working conditions for Danish fishermen, sustainable fishing practices, and greater responsibility for the fishing industry. The association also aims to promote community in Danish fishing ports and create dialogue and cooperation across borders.

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Iratxe Arraibi

Project Manager

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DFPO represents both large and small vessels across Denmark, working cooperatively with authorities to develop a framework for the dynamic sector of the future. Its expertise will be used to: 

Participate: T2.2 Technologies for improved image quality, T2.3 Catch reporting technologies; WP3 (T3.3); T3.3 Catch handling facilities Sorting table; WP5 Stakeholder acceptance and engagement plan (all tasks)