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The Danish Pelagic Producer Organization (DPPO) represents Denmark’s largest pelagic fishing vessels, focusing on sustainable fishing practices and the long-term management of fish resources. DPPO’s members conduct targeted and sustainable seine and trawl fishing for various species in the North Sea and North-East Atlantic, including herring, mackerel, horse mackerel, monkfish, sprat, blue whiting, and sea boar. The organization is dedicated to ensuring the best possible conditions for its members by promoting sustainable fishing, food quality, and profitability.

DPPO is the main organization for Danish fishing vessels that fish pelagic fish species for the consumer market and for the production of meal and oil. The organization is committed to fostering cooperation with authorities, research institutions, and private companies to advance fisheries research, stock assessment, and technology development.

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Brian Cowan


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DPPO will use their experience on representing pelagic vessels in Denmark, prioritising sustainable and responsible fishing and minimising unwanted catches to: 

Participate: T3.1 Catch handling facilities Pumping; WP5 Stakeholder acceptance and engagement plan (all tasks)