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Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is recognized internationally as a leading university in the areas of the technical and the natural sciences, renowned for our business-oriented approach, our focus on sustainability, and our amazing study environment.

DTU Aqua’s mission is to conduct research, provide advice, educate at university level and contribute to innovation in sustainable exploitation and management of aquatic resources. They investigate the biology and population ecology of aquatic organisms, aquatic physical and chemical processes and ecosystem structure and dynamics, taking account of all relevant natural and anthropogenic drivers.

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Martynas Velička

Project Manager

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DTU’s record of utilising an integrated ecosystem approach to conduct research that contributes to innovation in sustainable exploitation and management of aquatic resources will support their role as scientific co-lead and to: 

Lead: T2.1.1 Reviewing state-of-the-art technologies; T2.3 Catch reporting technologies; T2.3.1 Collection of gold-standard datasets; T2.3.3 Rapid DNA-based species identification; WP3 Data Collection and Validation in European Fisheries Pilot Studies; T3.1 Catch handling facilities: Pumping; T3.3 Catch handling facilities: Sorting table 

Participate: T2.1 Hardware and software requirements, T2.2 Technologies for improved image quality, T2.3.2 EM-based species identification and sizing, T2.4 Fish health and quality assessment, T2.5 Improved monitoring of fishing activities; T3.4 Catch handling facilities Sorting deck; T4.1 Requirements specification Data management framework and system architectures; T5.1 Multi-Actor Co-creation Labs (MALs), T5.2 Capacity building and training, T5.3 Policy and legislative framework reform for closing IUU loopholes