Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries



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The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries (NDF), with its head office in Bergen, serves as the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries’ advisory and executive body in matters pertaining to fishing and the management of aquaculture.

The Directorate of Fisheries promotes the profitable economic activity through sustainable and user-oriented management of marine resources and the marine environment.

Primary contact person

Antonis Koukourikos

Chief Science Officer

partner’s role
in the project

NDF knowledge of MCS management, Fisheries governance, Legislation development and enforcement, International fisheries relations will be used to:

Lead: T5.3 Policy and legislative framework reform for closing IUU loopholes; T5.3.1 EU level management  

Participate: T2.1.2 Requirement specifications Technologies, T2.3 Catch reporting technologies; T4.1 Requirements specification Data management framework and system architectures; T5.3.2 International cooperation