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SCiO offers innovative, world-leading, bespoke services in scientific data management, with a focus on Big Data Analytics for the agri-food sector. SCiO’s services cover data collection and management, computational environments, analytical dashboards and tools, as well as marketing and awareness raising.

SCiO aims to accelerate the data lifecycle, foster collaboration, and increase the visibility of research outcomes. The company leverages technical and methodological expertise to morph data into meaningful answers, and its tools are standards-based and FAIR-driven, aiming to ensure high data quality and accessibility for business intelligence and big data analytics applications.

Primary contact person

Antonis Koukourikos

Chief Science Officer

partner’s role
in the project

SCiO will use their expertise providing innovative data management services optimised for different operational settings and facilitating the transformation of data into meaningful answers to: 

Lead: WP4 Data Management Framework and System Architectures; T4.1 Requirements specification: Data management framework and system architectures; T4.2 Data management framework 

Participate: T4.3 Identification of illegal and unreported activities at sea, T4.4 Implementation of authorities reporting systems; T6.3 Go-to-market strategy