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SINTEF (SO) is one of Europe’s largest independent research organization. SINTEF Ocean conducts research and innovation related to ocean space for national and international industries.

The ambition of the institute is to continue Norway’s leading position in marine technology and biomarine research. Many of the challenges of modern society can be solved through sustainable use of the ocean. Transport, food and energy production represent the backbone of ocean-based industries, and are also core areas for SINTEF Ocean. In addition, they have a research and innovation focus on environmental technology, with one of the world’s leading professional environments in marine environmental technology.

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Rachel Tiller

Chief Scientist

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in the project

SO extensive experience conducting research and working with fisheries technology, artificial intelligence (AI), stakeholder co-production of knowledge, multi-level governance, social network analysis and conceptual modelling will be used to: 

Lead WP5 Stakeholder Co-production pathways to effective implementation of technological innovations in European fisheries; T5.1 Multi-Actor Co-creation Labs (MALs); T5.1.1 Train-the-trainer; T5.1.2 Stakeholder workshops; T5.3.2 International cooperation.

Participate in: T2.3 Catch reporting technologies, T2.5 Improved monitoring of fishing activities; T5.3 Policy and legislative framework reform for closing IUU loopholes