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Cukurova University (UC) was established in 1973 and is committed to educating individuals who are open to improvement, development and who internalise the idea of democracy.

The university promotes cooperation with other scientific foundations and society with research and development spanning science, technology, and art.

Primary contact person

Antonis Koukourikos

Chief Science Officer

partner’s role
in the project

UC will use their experience conducting fisheries research that brings the sector into the digital age while considering societal needs to: 

Lead: T3.4 Catch handling facilities: Sorting deck 

Participate: T2.1 Hardware and software requirements, T2.3 Catch reporting technologies; T5.1 Multi-Actor Co-creation Labs (MALs), T5.2 Capacity building and training, T5.3 Policy and legislative framework reform for closing IUU loopholes