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The VCU TCD machine factory is specialised in the provision of technical services and the performance of repairs, revisions, (large-scale) renovations, dismantling and construction of all kinds of vessels. One of VCU TCD’s strongest qualities is that these activities can be performed on-site aboard the ship.

VCU Robotics supplies customer-specific automation solutions to take the production process to a higher level. With these solutions, staff shortages are no longer a problem and the production process becomes more efficient, reliable and transparent. VCUR specialisation lies mainly in supplying hygienic pick-and-place machines for the food processing industry.

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Teun de Boer


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VCUR/VCU will develop, prototype and test mechanical principles for sorting catch on board that use vision cameras for properly analyse catch, which will be used to: 

Lead: T2.2 Technologies for improved image quality 

Participate: T2.3 Catch reporting technologies; T3.3 Catch handling facilities Sorting table; T5.2 Capacity building and training