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Wageningen Research Foundation (WR), is a top-ranked research institution with a strong international reputation for its innovative and groundbreaking research.

Wageningen Marine Research is the Netherlands’ leading research institute dedicated to providing essential scientific support for the development of policies and management of marine resources.

Wageningen Marine Research is a knowledge partner for government authorities, businesses, and non-governmental organisations with interests in marine living resources, offering expertise in nature, environment, fishery, and aquaculture. The institute’s key focal research areas cover ecology, environmental conservation and protection, fisheries, aquaculture, and ecosystem-based marine economy

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Antonis Koukourikos

Chief Science Officer

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in the project

WR’s leading research investigating the challenges faced by fishers and how innovation can contribute to profitable and sustainable fishing methods and management will be utilised to: 

Lead: WP2 Innovative technological solutions; T2.3.2 EM-based species identification and sizing; T2.4 Fish health and quality assessment; T2.4.1 Multispectral cameras; T2.5 Improved monitoring of fishing activities; T3.2 Catch handling facilities: Sorting band

Participate: T2.1 Hardware and software requirements, T2.2 Technologies for improved image quality, T2.3 Catch reporting technologies; T3.4 Catch handling facilities Sorting deck; T4.1 Requirements specification Data management framework and system architectures, T4.2 Data management framework, T4.3 Identification of illegal and unreported activities at sea, T4.4 Implementation of authorities reporting systems; T5.1 Multi-Actor Co-creation Labs (MALs); T5.2 Capacity building and training